CLiF Summer Stories

We have received the CLiF Summer Readers Grant this summer! We cannot have the story telling presentation in person, instead, we have virtual stories by Simon Brooks! These videos will be available for you to watch until the end of August.

These stories are password protaected. Please enter CLiF802 to view them. Enjoy!

For young kids: Ananse and the Hat Shaking Dance (20 minutes)

Jack and the Beanstalk & Jack Hans the Dullard
All ages: (47 minutes)

Jack John, Snake and Frog, & The Vaida and the Wolf
For 5th-6th: (36 minutes)

King’s March Ears & Jack the Dullard
For 7th+: (37 minutes)

Issun Boshi
A long story for all ages: (33 minutes)