Curbside Pick-Up extended

Curbside pick up is available when we are open!

    • We will call you to confirm your order is ready.
    • You may pick up your order anytime we are open. 
    • Your items will be inside the back door. A staff member will assist you.

If you have Limited Mobility or cannot leave your vehicle due to children or pets on board: 

  • Call us at 755-2944 x101 to let us know you are here to pick up your items. Please do not get out of your vehicle.  
    • A masked staff member will bring the item/s out to your vehicle, verify the account name/s and: 
      • hand them to you through your window or,
      •  you can pop the trunk. Or,  
      • the staff member can place the bag on the ground near your vehicle and you can exit your vehicle to retrieve them once the staff member has stepped away.
  • For everyone’s safety we will not be accepting returns handed to staff members.  All returns must be deposited in the book drop, open on Mondays, and Thursdays thru Saturdays.